Autumn Night Treasure TrayIntroducing our new home decor line--Cheese Tray with Server Sets, Votives, Business Card Holders, Sauce Mates, Bookmarks, and Treasure Tray/Spoon Rests.


Gale Franko
Artist—Gale Franko

If you're not a wholesale buyer, please contact me, Gale, so we can identify the shop closest to you. If there is no retailer available, you may purchase directly from me at the retail price.


Victoria Line
Necklace Sets

These styles are not available from any other hand-crafting dichroic artist. You will not meet yourself coming and going!

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Nature's organic Northwest patterns in
glamorous dichroic jewelry inspire customers
to buy from smart shops nationwide.
Would you like to be one of them?

No matter how stunning jewelry may be, it has to fit into your price point range. Will
$19-$120 wholesale dovetail with your customer's expectations? Artist Gale Franko is pleased to work with you to match your needs.

Isn't it just the best feeling to wow your customers with unique designs they've not seen before? Take a look at these Looking Glass Designs!

Firey Fissures
Firey Fissures—The power of red flowing from a volcano
Granit Falls
Granite Falls—Feel the
waters' spray in the sunlight
Twilight Waltz
Twilight Waltz—Crinkling whimsy

The fashionistas are telling us that they're struggling with economic decisions, just like you and I are. But, they have no intention of dropping their personal indulgences, including gardening, redecorating, and jewelry! Now is the moment for us to make it easy for women who want a little something fabulous!

Examine our terms of doing business. You'll find we do a lot for you—beyond the sale.